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Foster Parents are the key professional in helping improve the lives of Looked After Children in their care.

The same but different

Diverse Care's approach to fostering is different from most other organisations in the UK. The work of fostering is the same anywhere - we recruit and train families then find children to place in those families who will benefit from the unique skill-set that each individual family offers. The difference is in our approach and ethos.

Our foundations, your credibility

We work with regulators and legislators to ensure that the children are firmly planted at the centre of the world of fostering and that the role of 'Foster Parent' gains the credibility it deserves.


If you would like to become a foster carer and work with us, please give us a call or register your interest.

Cutting edge, cutting red tape

We place foster parents at the centre of our service, as we believe that foster parents are the most important professionals involved in the care of looked after children. The philosophy comes from the direct fostering experience that most of the staff at Diverse Care have. It should go without saying that the people with the best understanding of the needs of looked after children are those that live with them. However, as we are looking after other people's children (often with a local government operating as 'corporate parent'), there is bureaucracy and red tape. Historically, social workers have been the profession that legislators have leaned on when developing and regulating fostering services.

The dynamic is changing and Diverse Care is at the cutting edge of those changes.


Not only does this mean that many of our staff have lived in foster families but also that we value the experiences of foster parents. So much so, that we encourage foster parents to develop personally and professionally; When the time is right they have the ability to stop being foster parents and use their skills and experiences in a different way within the industry.

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