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Most of our staff have first-hand experience of fostering.

All of our staff and foster parents are recruited trained and prepared to recognise and welcome the "Opportunity for change". Adaptation is key to bringing stability, understanding and inspiring children to be curious about life.

"Diversity isn't just about colour culture and creed. Diverse Care was founded to meet the ever changing needs of children and young people." - Jim Harris

Our unique approach to fostering is experienced by all who work with us. Being on the cutting edge of the fostering community is not for everyone, some may prefer to be involved with an organisation which is more main-stream than ours. 


But as Thomas Jefferson said, 'All that it takes for evil to pervade is for people of good conscience to do nothing'. We are not content to stand on the sidelines and accept some of the woeful standards that have existed in this area of work. We will constantly strive to develop services, and where necessary, challenge the authorities to think differently about the application of the standards and regulations.

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