We are not an ordinary fostering organisation, please have a look around to find out why. 

We are unusual as we have people at all levels of the organisation who have direct first hand experience of fostering. We believe this contributes significantly to our success.

While the national average breakdown rate for children in foster care is about 50%, our families manage to succeed with their children a startling 94% of the time.

Our mission is to constantly visit and adjust our service for the country's most vulnerable children, by learning from our own experiences and drawing from published research. We aim to be on the forefront of any new developments, and offer advice to relevant authorities on legislative developments within the sector.

What we do

Why we do it

What we do and why we do it

It starts here: we are very fussy about who we take on as foster parents at Diverse Care. Fostering is a challenging and rewarding job and not just anybody can or should be foster parents.

Quality before quantity

Once the decision has been taken to remove a child from their birth family, we ought to be certain that we find that child the best possible place for them to have as good an experience as possible.

Continuous training program

All of our staff and foster parents are encouraged to commit to an on-going programme of training, including statutory requirements (First Aid, etc.). But also more involved courses culminating in achieving nationally accredited awards.

Raising our standards

Education is an important part of fostering. We need to inspire our children to achieve and part of how we do that is by constantly examining ways we can improve ourselves.

High income for Foster Parents

We recognise that looking after other people's children who have experienced traumatic life events is a difficult job and deserves professional respect and recognition. Part of that recognition comes through being appropriately rewarded.

Allowing full time, professional care

In order to have foster parents as the key professional involved in raising a child and available to attend meetings, supervision and training we need to ensure that fostering is their primary and often only job.

Careful matching process

Finding the right family who is best placed to meet the specific needs of a unique child is a difficult process. We endeavour to make the placement decision correctly all the time. Having a well trained and individually selected group of diverse foster parents enables us to make that appropriate match.

Compatible relationships

Part of our job as an independent fostering organisation is to offer stability to a child who will have experienced turbulence in their life. Making a good match the first time is the first step in achieving that goal.

Evolving communication systems

We deal with large amounts of very sensitive data. How we handle that data speaks to our ethos as an organisation. We use a sophisticated and secure data management system to communicate with our foster parents whilst ensuring that all appropriate professionals are involved in decision making.

Informed decision making

Data management and analysis are important tools in our task of ensuring that our children receive the highest standards of care and allows the Local Authorities who work with us to justify their decision to entrust us with their children.

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