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Our children receive thorough and thoughtful information about being in care and what part Diverse Care will now play in their life.

We are very proud of the work gone into our three guides - we have had input from all areas of our organisation when creating them; from foster children, Foster Parents, Social Workers, members of our staff and their children.


We have three versions that cater for all the children and young people we help care for but they are not restricted to age brackets. They are received as high-quality printed book format as well as online (below) and in braille and multiple languages.

Read our Children Guides

‘Teddy’s Big Move’ was created by Diverse Care as an alternative to a wordy ‘Children’s Guide’, whilst still incorporating the necessary information stated within the Fostering Services (England) Regulations 2011. Though it is aimed at pre-school aged children it can also be suitable for older children, depending on their level of understanding.


Following from the success of Teddy’s big move - we set about making a guide for the next ‘level’ of a child’s understanding, with bespoke artwork contributed by foster children and birth children of staff and families. The result is a guide that will assist a child in care to find information that he or she may be more comfortable in reading in their own time.




Our third book, aimed at children with the greatest level of understanding (normally teenagers) uses the same high-quality research and development to create a guide that does not try to impress - but instead delivers the delicate content compassionately and truthfully.

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