Sally Lyst


As a Foster Parent, a Key Worker for young people, a Link Worker and Manager, Sally has been in the fostering world for some years and is proud of the commitment and dedication of the Diverse Care staff and families. The drive to achieve recognition for the outstanding results achieved through fostering has led Sally to the national executive committee of the National Association of Fostering Providers where she works to influence national policy makers.


Sally spends much of her 'spare' time doing fun and exciting activities with young people in the scout movement living up to the adage that growing older is compulsory but 'growing up' is entirely optional!


Fostering and scouting mean that Sally is privileged to witness the amazing things that young people are capable of, sometimes against personal adversity that would challenge the most confident adults. Foster parents and other dedicated adults are so vital in showing children possibilities for the future, and equipping young people to make informed decisions which helps them to reach their potential.


Pooh bear was right about footprints, they stop where we are today and the future path is ours to create.

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Christine Victoria
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