Kay Constant


I've always been inquisitive and one to question conformity. Never one to shy away from putting up my hand as a kid to ask "why" or to say "but that doesn't make sense!" I blame middle child syndrome.


Having a sense of humour, not taking yourself too seriously and being brave enough to take risks is important to me.…. As a child I would often let go of my mum's hand and deliberately walk the other way to find an adventure and the urge to head off in the direction of fun has never left me.


Which is why I enjoy working for Diverse Care. I value being part of a team that is highly motivated and thirsty for innovation. I am so proud of the families and children and young people we look after, they never cease to inspire and move me everyday. If in anyway we make life easier for them then I consider we have done a good job.

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Stuart Jemma
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