Jane Keenan


It can be so hard sometimes, yet so exciting! Jane relishes the intensity and excitement of working with or for kids who cannot live with their own families, and continues to find it a privilege to be part of their lives. She believes in harnessing the power of sturdy, respectful relationships to contain and channel the impact of trauma, and is repeatedly humbled and enchanted by the courage of children who are willing to trust, again, and by the staggering capabilities of foster parents who do professional, emotional, sophisticated work in their own homes.


With learning from working: in a therapeutic community; with young offenders; in teaching and senior management; and above all as a foster parent Jane is interested in whatever works for each individual.


""...the proven and the unprovable...the heart and the brain... where they are brought together the result is incandescence." ~ A General Theory of Love.


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Natasha Shanza
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