30 January 2019

 Why I love working for Diverse Care 

I was asked to try and sum up what it’s like to work for Diverse Care… well I love analogies so thought this would be the best way to explain my thoughts.

I have always enjoyed the satisfaction of cleaning my own car. However, it can be hard work on your own and it seems to take forever. No one but you are particularly fussed if you have hoovered under the booster seat and there’s no one but you to admire the finished job.


Have you ever been to a hand car wash and had 4 or 5 people working on your car at once? Someone cleaning the outside, someone cleaning the windows, another hoovering the inside whilst someone else takes care of polishing and buffing. This is what coming to work at Diverse Care feels like for me now.


I love the way that everyone works together to achieve a positive outcome. Everyone has an important part to play in reaching the final goal and is reminded of that regularly. Care is taken by each person to make sure their part of the job is completed to the highest possible standard and in a timely way so as not to hold the next person up. Managers oversee the work we are doing to offer support, guidance and praise for a job well done.  They notice the crumbs have been hoovered from under the booster seat and are quite happy to grab a sponge and help too, if that’s what the team needs. Morale is high, people take pride in their roles, there is great communication and lots of laughter. The tools we are given to complete the job are up to date, high quality and efficient. The finished job is completed to the highest possible standard and everyone knows that together, as a team we have achieved something special - an outstanding service and the cleanest cars!




Imager credit: Pexels



written by

Michelle Plummer


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