12 June 2015

 Who Are You? 

 Children who have parents that foster may not understand why their foster sibling behaves a certain way, or why they sometimes get treated a little differently to them, because the precise details of why may not be appropriate for them to know. Or they may understand, and try to form a bond with their foster siblings, but feel frustrated when that bond is perhaps difficult to develop. There are many ways in which fostering impacts the children of Foster Parents, but overall (and with many of us here at Diverse Care having grown up in families who foster) we believe that it greatly enriches the lives of those involved.


We are so impressed with the following poem as it shows a wide range of emotions and qualities from the two young people who wrote it; compassion, honesty, introspection - not to mention creativity! One study by The University of Oxford on the children of Foster Parents stated that they often “display a striking concern for others and awareness of complex emotional issues beyond their years”, and we think this poem strongly supports this claim.

Who are you?


What’s with the attitude, you bring to my house?

Sometimes you rage, sometimes you’re as quiet as a mouse.


You’re friendly then fierce, you’re happy then sad

I can’t work out if you’re good or bad?


Who is this person who has come into my life?

You’re confusing and strange, you’re naughty then nice

It’s constantly like rolling a dice.


Who are you in my house?

I feel unsure, sometimes I want things to go back to before

Before all the noise, before all the drama

I wish things could be just a little bit calmer.


I guess you have put up with a lot

That’s why sometimes you’re good and sometimes you’re not.


You get lots of attention, you get lots of time

Some of this time, it used to be mine.


You make me happy, you make me sad

You make me angry, you drive me mad.


I want you to be really happy

But your attitude is really crappy

I try to look from your point of view

And I often feel really bad for you.


You have a safe place living with me

If you want it you could be so happy

We could be friends, we could have fun

So why do you always want to run?

Who is this person that lives in my house

Full of rage, then quiet as a mouse?

Thank you to Connor and Charlotte for writing this poem for us.



Image credit: raumrot


written by

Stephanie Harris

Social Media & Creative Arts


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