10 December 2019

 When sequins changed the world. 


You’ll either know what I’m talking about here, or you won’t.

If it evades you, follow the links, and enhance your life!


I’ve been wondering for a couple of weeks about offering a note on this, and as the season of peace and goodwill to all approaches, I can resist no longer.


Because tonight… Craig just arrived on stage, in a fanfare of immaculate drag, and I can’t stop smiling.


Talk about bringing the joy. 


One can only imagine what growing up as a ballroom dancing black boy, in South Africa was like. Yet Johannes inspires aspiration for perfection - he is so slick, so sharp, the epitome of beautiful, athletic masculinity, yet as camp as Christmas.


I have to say it’s the men who keep catching my eye, but let’s not pass by the women just yet...Alex brings elite sports performance, yet scrubs up a very girly treat. 

Have you seen Karen’s new haircut?! Yet check her out for archetypal femininity. 

With biceps and six packs at every turn, there is - in equal measure - elegance and delicacy.


Is there a leading man more chiselled than Aljaž? Or more likely to collapse into cute girly giggles?


Kelvin - all ‘cave man with a tidy haircut’ on the outside; seems to be entirely humble and generous on the inside. And he dances with his baby in his kitchen. Melt.


Chris - classic Geordie classroom clown, never danced before in his life, but reaching parts of himself he didn’t know were there. Did you see his Paso?! Fierce, from a very gentle guy.


Michelle Visage brings respectful feistiness, reminding us how things have changed, as she connects to her earlier years in New York sub-culture that also changed the world, and that was literally life saving for many.


All bundled up in what looks, to me, like properly authentic compassion, friendship and community.


We are talking world class talent, artistry, camaraderie, sensitivity, playfulness, power, hope, challenge, personal development, emotion... pushing boundaries for the betterment of humanity... who cares what gender or sexuality any of them have.


Even if we stick with the, frankly quaint, idea that there are only two genders - of course men can dance with men, and women with women.


If you have any access to any child anywhere - think about all the life and identity affirming permissions you could give them, based on what this lot - from all over the world - are modelling. 


Thanks, Strictly guys. You are nailing this particular contribution to our society, and I for one do not underestimate the importance of that.



written by

Jane Keenan

Recruitment Manager


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