30 May 2019

 Pop quiz… 

 A question for the finest minds in fostering - yes, you!


What d’you think?....

Is it possible for a foster family to submit an intention to resign from their organisation one day, and have a new, unconnected child placed, at a new organisation, 23 working days later?

Is it even conceivable?


What would get in the way? 

We’re all in this to place vulnerable children into families, right? 

And all foster parents are self employed, so can work with whomever they please...so why would any child be delayed in, or prevented from joining the fully assessed, approved, tried and tested fostering family they need?


Yet I can hear your doubt bubbling up, from the depths of what we take for granted. Surely that’s not possible, noone does it like that...because:


1. The regulations, obviously?!

2. The NMS?!

3. The fostering organisation being reluctant to share information, and/or refusing to let a family go until their 28 days notice is up?




1. No

2. No, and

3. Yes, potentially


Think about that for a second.


The regulations permit us all to achieve this. (Ohh yes they do!)

The NMS permit us all to achieve this. (Ditto!)

But we as fostering organisations might get in the way, of a child being placed in the family they need.


Even if you believe, rhetorically, just for a second, that the regs and NMS do permit it, perhaps you’re still squirming and wondering how that can be safe? Yet the family is already assessed, approved, tried and tested - how is it not safe? That same child could be placed through the old organisation - how does the family changing to a new organisation somehow make the family less safe? The evidence of their suitability is there, and they have not changed at all.


OK, deep breath.


This is not rhetorical.

Two things happened recently in our world:


1. Ofsted confirmed, in writing, their conclusion that, after intimate scrutiny of how we transfer families, they find our process to be fully compliant.

2. We placed a new, unconnected child, into a family who transferred to us, only 23 working days after they gave their intention to resign from their old organisation.


One more child is safe, and stands a chance of happiness, because a fostering organisation agreed to respect their family’s right to work wherever they wish...absolutely fab, the way it should be, thank you.


Anyone interested in following the same process as we do - just ask; we’ll be happy to share :)


written by

Jane Keenan

Recruitment Manager


Last modified on Friday, 31 May 2019 15:08

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