02 September 2019

 Please take a moment to hear C, aged 11. Will you let him help you, to do better? 


C is 11 years old. He has been living with one of our many amazing foster families for the last year and a half. He is extremely settled and a happy lad; we are all very proud of how he is achieving in all areas of his life.

During this time C has had 3 different Local Authority Social Workers, all of whom have not turned up, on frequent occasions, when arranged to visit him or take him out.

This summer holiday, which has been packed full of activities with his foster family, has also been blighted by the same thing. On two occasions they returned back from their holiday caravan early: once to meet the social worker, who cancelled last minute; and once to attend a birthday contact for C’s sister and birth family, which had been cancelled the previous week, but no one thought to inform C.


C wrote this email to his social worker, which of course he has given us permission to share, in the hope that his voice may be heard about the impact such things have on a child in care….


Hello N 
This is C, I have asked to email you myself about yesterdays contact that was supposed to happen but didn't. I was very upset about it because I had been really looking forward to it as it was going to be my sister's birthday contact and these are always more exiting than normal contacts. 
Although I had given my sister a present last week, out of my own pocket money I had also bought her a helium balloon and a birthday card, I  had spent ages drawing pictures, and a small special surprise gift in a lovely gift bag. I asked my foster parent if we could come home earlier the day from the caravan so that I could get ready. We did this. I waited on the sofa by the window so that I could look out for the escort car. 
I felt very excited at first but the longer I waited and no car appeared I began to get upset and worry that it wasn't going to arrive. After fifteen minutes my foster parent phoned the contact centre and I went into the garden to listen to her. I then had an idea that contact wasn't going forward today. Then I started shaking and starting to cry. 
My foster parent then told me that mum had cancelled contact because of work last week, she said no replacement date had been given. She asked the contact centre why we had not been informed and they said my social worker was supposed to inform us last week. 
That made me feel very angry at you and made me feel like you didn't care about me at all because if you had told me last week when you were  supposed to before you went on holiday, I could've given all of the gifts to my sister when I saw her last week and I could've stayed one extra night at the caravan and played with my good friend Harry, who was returning that day. Instead we came back a day early with me believing I was seeing my mum and sister and finding out in in the worst most upsetting way I wasn't. The most annoying thing is all of this could be been avoided with one simple message from you that didn't arrive. 
When I first met you, you said you would-be different from all of the other social worker I have had and I told you how many that I have had and you promised that you would-be my permanent one, but in the last two weeks, we have come back from the caravan but you have let me down one time at very late notice and this didn't tell me contact was cancelled but I thought your job was supposed to support me and looking after my interests. You could make things better in the future by ; letting me know when plans change so I can deal with it without getting too upset, to listen to me, to not let me down, to not keep cancelling your meetings with me and to be the social worker to me that you said you would be. 


written by

Diverse Care


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