28 January 2016

 Our First Foster Child 

New Years Eve.


I have been waiting for that important phone call since 18th December when I left my previous employment to become a Foster Parent. The bedroom is ready and welcome presents are waiting. Every time the phone rings my heart jumps and I run to the phone. Is this the child we've been waiting for?


In my head I check off my list:

Is the room OK?

Do we have enough toys?

Did I dust today?


The phone rings. It’s Domestic and General about a discount on insurance! My heart sinks and I carry on watching TV.


Will it be a boy or a girl - or both? Will they like our welcome gifts? Will they like our home?


The phone rings for a second time. This time it is a referral! For not one but four children, a sibling group. My head is racing and my heart is pounding. I'm so excited but also in a panic in case I have to go out and buy any extra equipment and be back home before they arrive.


I ring my husband and tell him that there might be an extra four for dinner! He is great and tells me not to panic, we will get all the things that we might need. I run upstairs, set up the baby cot and begin to write a shopping list.


Another phone call. The children will not be coming to me anymore, but a relative of theirs instead. I’m really disappointed but try to look on the bright side - the children will be happy living with their Nan.


So here I am, waiting for the right match for us. I just have to be patient.


Tuesday 12th January.


The phone call came at 17:00. A young girl of 12 needs to be placed as an emergency. Finally a child may be coming to stay. I check the bedroom for the hundredth time and get the welcome present ready.


Fifteen minutes later, another phone call, this time from the Social Worker: "We’re outside."


I see a very tearful young girl refusing to get out of the car and clutching a McDonalds drink. I speak to her calmly and after 40 minutes eventually persuade her to come inside the house.


My husband arrives home from work - there was no time to let him know a child was on the way. We all start chatting and M begins to relax, telling us about running away and being in a police station. We show M her room and give her the welcome gift. She says she likes the bedroom and comments on how big it is. One thing that stood out to me was how polite M was.

Two weeks later and M is still with us. How long she will stay we are not sure, but for now she is safe, and a part of our family.




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