05 February 2015

 Learning From Each Other 

We are rightly proud of the work that is carried out within Diverse Care and particularly the truly astonishing work that our Foster Parents do in welcoming other people's children into their homes and helping resolve any problems that these children may have had to face in their short lives. 


Like many other fostering organisations up and down the country our office based staff are somewhat isolated from the 'real work'. Children rarely visit our office. We hear stories when things have gone well with particular children and when things have not gone so well. Some organisations have a grown up looked after child on their panel, as we do. Some have grown up looked after children who are now Foster Parents themselves, as we do.


At Diverse Care we have the added benefit that many of our staff have first hand experience of living in homes that foster -- and this is not common in many fostering organisations and therefore gives us a different feel and changes the way we deliver services to some of the country's most vulnerable children for the better. I think we can do even better, and I think part of our constant drive to improve our service, we could benefit from having grown up looked after children on our staff in various roles.


This thought was reinforced last year, when as part of her work experience, grown up looked after child Sam, spent a week in our London office. I think it is a credit to her Foster Parents Pete and Bernie that she knew very little of the behind the scenes work that a fostering organisation performs. I think it is a further credit that Sam is so bright, so entertaining and so able to relate her experiences in, what some teenagers would find, an intimidating environment. We learned a lot from Sam the week she spent with us and I hope that she learnt something from us. Here are her thoughts on her week at Diverse Care: 

After being a foster child for eleven years I have finally decided that I want to work within the care system. I aim to study a social work degree beginning September 2015.


I was offered a week of work experience with Diverse Care and it was a real eye opener for me. As a foster child you don't really give much thought about how much work and effort goes into your placement. I have learnt so much from everyone during my work experience and have received certificates from the various training courses that I attended. The one I am most proud of is completing my TSD's.


This experience has made me appreciate everyone that worked with me over the years - These guys do an amazing job and aren't given enough credit for it. I am so honoured and humbled that I got the chance to do this. So thank you, and well done everyone, you're doing an amazing job!


Image credit: Unsplash


written by

Keith Gorman

Director & Registered Individual


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